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iOS and Android mobile apps in React Native

Work Samples

Here are some extract about some of the work I have done.

Stipnetz: A social network

Stipnetz is a web application is a closed community social network for Germans, who received a scholarship from the German government. In this community one can share articles, follow and chat with people, post job opportunities and even arrange meetups in real life. I was part of the first year of the development of the website. The website was developed in React (Javascript) in the frontend and  Laravel (PHP) in the backend.

Firstfox: An event App

FirstFox is an event app, that helps people decide, which party to go to. It does so by analysing the data of past events and includes lots of information about the parties, like what music will be played and what is the estimated distribution of woman and man that are going to join it. I was leading the development team for about 9 months. The mobile apps were developed in React Native (Javascript + Java + Objective) in the frontend and Laravel (PHP) in the backend.
iOS Link  Android Link

Docstur: A Document app

Docstur is an iOS App, that aims to make signing standard contracts easier. In the app one can create document with placeholders, such that names and other text can be easily replaced within the app. Furthermore there are analitic features. The app was build in React Native (Javascript + Objective C).
iOS Link

OnsenUI: A UI Framework

OnsenUI is a mobile UI framework, that enables developer to build mobile web apps quickly. The framework supports multiple JavaScript libraries like Angular, Vue.js and React. I was one of the main contributors for the React support.
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Although most of the project I work on, are closed source, I often use open source frameworks, modify them and fix some bugs. From time to time, I am also writing blog articles like this one about how to write a stopwach in MobX.
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